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Development Trend in the Flower Industry in 2014

Global Flower and Plant Website, May 16: According to the Analysis Report on Future Trends in China’s Flower Market and Investment Planning from 2014 to 2018, when a country’s GDP per capita reaches 500 USD, demand for flowers will increase dramatically. When a country’s GDP per capita reaches 3000 USD, consumption on flowers will begin to increase. In the US and European countries, household consumption on flowers take up about 0.3 percent of household income. China has not reached that level yet.


As a country’s economy develops and people’s standard of living improves, residents need flowers and plants in every aspect of their lives. From parks to roads and streets, from communities to shopping malls, people’s pursuit of aesthetic beauty has given this industry more new meanings.


At the same time, landscaping projects in cities are speeding up, and people are spending more money on flowers. These are driving up the demand. Within China, a transportation network for flowers has been primarily established. All these have provided a good external environment for the development of the flower industry.


The research group at the Forward-looking Industry Research Institute points out that though China boasts the largest aggregate area for flower planting, in terms of output per unit of land, total production and cost-effectiveness, our country is still at a low level. This industry in our country is still stuck at the lower end of the industrial chain. The group argues that we need to shift from labor-intensive approach to technology-intensive approach. It’s estimated that China’s flower market will grow at an annual rate of 10% in the future. By the end of this year, the market size will exceed tens of billions RMB.


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