The Only Official Trade Show in Floricultural, Horticultural and Garden Industry in South China A Sister Show of “Hortiflorexpo China ” An ideal platform for Pot Plants, Floral and Garden Supply Industry
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International PotPlant and Garden Expo 2014
Date: 27-29 Nov., 2014 Venue: Guangzhou Flower Capital of Agriculture

Welcome to IPGEXPO 2014
The Only Official Trade Show in Floricultural, Horticultural and Garden Industry in South China An ideal platform for Pot Plants, Floral and Garden Supply Industry

Q: What are the key dates I need to be aware of?
A: 2014 IPGEXPO takes place Nov. 27 – 29, 2014 (Thu. to Saturday). The exhibition time will be 9:00-16:30 on Nov. 27- 28 and 9:00-15:30 on Nov. 29, 2014.

Q: Where is the exhibition venue?
A: It will be in Guangzhou Flower Capital of Agriculture. The address is Furong Ave., Shiling Zhen, Huadu District, Guangzhou. Please click here to find the map.

Q: What will be displayed in the IPGEXPO?
A: You may find the following exhibits onsite IPGEXPO:
1. Plant: pot plant, bonsai, ornamental plant, fruit and vegetable pot plant, ground cover, trees;
2. Garden Supply & Facility: flower pot, container, fertilizer, substrate, gardening machinery, sculpture, railing, stone, lighting, fountain, outdoor furniture, anticorrosive wood, garden design, roof green;
3. Floral Supply: artificial plants, vase, flower shop display, packaging, cold store, fresh-keeping technology, etc.

Q: How much will the entrance tickets cost?
A: The tickets will be free of charge like before. You will be asked to provide your valid name card and fulfill a form before obtains your badges and enter the venue. To save your queuing time, please click here to preregister for free.

Q: Will kids be allowed to visit this exhibition?
A: The show is only for trade visitors from Nov. 27 - 28, 2014. No kids will be allowed in the exhibition venue. Nov.29, 2014 (Saturday) will be open to public. On that day, kids will be entertained when they are accompanied by adults.

Q: What is the weather like in Guangzhou around the end of November?
A: Southern Asia’s tropical monsoon climate brings Guangzhou pleasant weather with average tempreture of 19.6℃ around the end of November. It is the best season for business travelling.

Q: Apart from the exhibition, are there any fringe programs that we can attend during the IPGEXPO2014?
A: There will be a lot of conferences and flower arrangement shows. Please click here to check the details.

Q: Are there any highly cost effective hotels near the exhibition venue?
A: The organizer has prepared several good hotels, please click here to check the details.

Q: How can I avoid my belongings stolen in my booth during the show time?
A: Please do not leave your belongings unattended in any booth or anywhere in the venue. Please leave your passport or ID card in the hotels and do not bring them to the hotel. If you will use laptops, please be sure to use laptop locks. Please do not carry your cameras by the string in case anybody cut the strings and steal your camera.

Q: Are there any tips regarding visiting an exhibition?
A: Please keep below in mind, maybe they are helpful,
1. Please preregister online first to avoid queuing onsite
2. Please bring enough of your name cards with you,
3. Please prepare your questions to potential sellers or partners beforehand
4. Please wear comfortable shoes and clothes and take note book and ball pens with you.

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