The Only Official Trade Show in Floricultural, Horticultural and Garden Industry in South China A Sister Show of “Hortiflorexpo China ” An ideal platform for Pot Plants, Floral and Garden Supply Industry
Q & A

International PotPlant and Garden Expo 2016
Date: 2-4 Dec., 2016 Venue: Guangzhou Flower Capital of Agriculture


Q & A 

(Exhibitor`s Frequently Asked Questions)


Q: What are the key dates I need to be aware of?

A: 2016 IPGEXPO takes place Dec. 2 – 4, 2016.  Nov. 30 - Dec.1 is Move in. And the Move out time is 15:00pm-22:00pm on Dec.4, 2016.


Q: Where is the exhibition venue?

A: It will be in Guangzhou Flower Capital of Agriculture.  The address is Furong Ave., Shiling Zhen, Huadu District, Guangzhou.


Q: How much will the entrance tickets cost?

A: The tickets will be free of charge like before.  However, in order to improve the visitors’ quality, we will ask all the visitors to provide their valid name card.  Visitors who can not provide their name cards on Dec. 2-4 will be declined to enter the venue. 


Q: What is the procedure for visitors enter the venue?

A: 1. show their name card to the staff on site.

2. fillin Visitor Registration Form

3. hand name card together with the Visitor Registration Form to the registration counter for admission badge


Q: If I would like to invite some customers to my booth, what shall I do?

A: There are 3 ways

1.                Please fillin “Asking for Visiting Tickets” in Exhibitor Manual telling Intex Shanghai, the show management how many entrance tickets you need.  We will send the required tickets to you before the show.  And please do remember to ask your visitors to bring their valid name card to the exhibition.  This is very important!

2.                Or you may ask your customers to visit us at to preregister.  With the serial number or a print paper on the website, your customer can obtain his badge at the entrance of Guangzhou Flower Capital of Agriculture.

3.                Or you may tell your customer your booth number.  Ask him to register with his name card at the entrance of the venue.  He can obtain his badge free of charge.


Q: How much does a booth cost in 2016 IPGEXPO?

A: There are different areas in the venue.  Please refer to


Q: If we order Raw Space, what shall I be especially aware of?

A: If you order Raw Space, you will encounter some practical problems about your booth design, setting-up, rental of furniture, order of electricity, water supply, exhibits forwarding, ceiling height, size of lift, etc., please refer to  Or you may contact with Intex Shanghai beforehand to avoid all the troubles on site.


Q: Will kids be allowed to visit this exhibition?

A: The show is only for trade visitors from Dec. 2 - 3, 2016.  No kids will be allowed in the exhibition venue.  Dec.4, 2016. (Sunday) will be open to public.  On that day, kids will be entertained when they are accompanied by adults.


Q: How do I ship my exhibits to the show?

A: Since there are strict Quarantine rules and regulations, all the foreign exhibits shall be forwarded by the official freight forwarder, ie., Guangzhou Flower Capital of Agriculture.  After the exhibition all the exhibits from abroad must be transported back or destroyed.  Please refer to Exhibitor Manual which will be sent to you around August or September, 2016 for more details.


Q: How do I order tables, chairs, other furniture, Utility services, including electricity, compressed air, water fill-up or drain, natural gas, telephone/Internet and audio visual other stuff for my booth?

A: If you order Raw Space you may choose a stand-fitting company as you wish to design the booth and supply you with all the tables, chairs and other furniture in your booth.  But all the Utility services, including electricity, compressed air, water fill-up or drain, natural gas, telephone/Internet and audio visual shall be provided by the Official Contractor.  Exhibitors will receive an Exhibitor Manual in Jnue or July, 2016 containing service order forms, information on rental of all special services that are available.


Q: We are not so strong in our capital but we really would like to have more publicity during the show time, what shall we do?

A: In order to promote this industry, Intex Shanghai, the show management accepts all kinds of sponsorship, for example, some quantity of plants, flowers, bags, cut flower or cut leaf, some truss or component used in flower arrangement, horticultural materials, etc.  You may call us telling us your requirement and we will work together to provide you a wonderful promotion solution.


Q: How can I avoid my belongings stolen in my booth during the show time?

A: Please do not leave your belongings unattended in the booth or anywhere in the venue.  Pleae leave your passport or ID card in the hotels and do not bring them to the hotel.  If you will use laptops, please be sure to use laptop locks.
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