The Only Official Trade Show in Floricultural, Horticultural and Garden Industry in South China A Sister Show of “Hortiflorexpo China ” An ideal platform for Pot Plants, Floral and Garden Supply Industry
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International PotPlant and Garden Expo 2014
Date: 27-29 Nov., 2014 Venue: Guangzhou Flower Capital of Agriculture
The Only Official Trade Show in Floricultural, Horticultural and Garden Industry in South China
A Sister Show of "Hortiflorexpo IPM Shanghai/Beijing"
An ideal platform for Pot Plants, Floral and Garden Supply Industry

Dear Sir or Madam:


Thank you for your kind participation in the upcoming 2012 IPGEXPO to be held from November. 29-Dec.1, 2012 in Guangzhou Flower Capital of Agriculture. To make your preparation easier and more effective, please kindly read the following,


1.  Stand Construction

a.       Please appoint your Stand Contractor to design the booth for you before September, 2012.  You may use the official Stand Contractor (please refer to “Stand Construction Information” in the “Exhibitor Manual”), or you can also appoint some other company by your own.

b.       Please pay attention to the following when you design your booth,

      the height of the standLess than 5m high

     Contact with the Organizer before the show to know whether there is a pillar in your stand, its size and its specific location

       Raw Space does not include any electricity, sockets, water or any tables or chairs.  You may refer to “Stand Construction Information” in “Exhibitor Manual”.  Please order switch boxes, water or other facilities and furniture before Oct. 1, 2012.  If you make orders on site, you will have to be charged 50% more.

       To avoid sneak theft on site the exhibition, please avoid open-shelves in your design.  Please put all the samples, valuables in locked show-cases.  If you bring your laptop with you onsite the exhibition, please be sure to use Laptop Locks.

       Please consider having a coffee area and a little store-house in your stand.

       Please tell your Contractor the location and size of the Entrance in the venue before the exhibition which you may find in Item D of 3 of this Notice. 

c.  There is strict fire protection regulations in the venue.  Please make sure that you will not use black adhesive plaster to connect electrical wires.


2.  Forwarding issues

a.       In order to have your exhibits transported into the venue safely, we recommend you to use the official freight forwarder.  Please refer to “Freight Forwarder Information” in the “Exhibitor Manual”.

b.       We will arrange Mr. Liang Jin Tong (Mr. Liang’s Chinese name is “梁锦桐” and his Mobile: +86-13690305935 )of the venue to help you to receive your goods.  But you will be responsible for all the forwarding charges and risks arisen.  When you arrive in the venue, please go to their office to pick up the goods.


3.  Contact with Venues

a.       Contact details of the 2 venues

In case you will need helps from the venue, you may contact with Mr. Chen and his mobile is +86-15217458285.

d.       The size of the entrance in the venue:  4m*4m


2.       Exhibitor Registration & Stand Arrangement

a)         Registration Time900am-1700pm of November 27, 2012.  When you register, you will obtain your badges with which you may enter the venue freely.

b)        Please urge your Stand Contractor to finish the work quickly.  If you would like to work after the specified time period, you have to go through formalities with the Show Management of Intex Shanghai and pay overtime fee.

c)        Things you may need when you arrange your stand:  Knife, pothook, scissors, glues, pen, broad adhesive tape, correction tape, etc.


3.       Others

Please read “Exhibitor Manual” carefully.


Sincerely hope everything goes smoothly before and during the show time!


Best regards,



Yours sincerely,



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