The Only Official Trade Show in Floricultural, Horticultural and Garden Industry in South China A Sister Show of “Hortiflorexpo China ” An ideal platform for Pot Plants, Floral and Garden Supply Industry
Brief Intro of Organizer and Show Management


Initiated by Madam Chen Muhua, former Vice Cairwoman of the Standing Committee of the National People`s Congress, China Flower Association (CFA) was established on November 1st 1984. CFA is a national non-profit trade association consisting of enterprises, institutions and individuals in the floricultural industry with common goals.
Objectives of CFA
To publicize the role floricultural industry plays in the material and spiritual civilizations under the guidance of appropriate governmental department;
To organize and coordinate floricultural researches, work division and cooperation, production and sale, and to promote the general application of science and technology;
To protect and improve the legal rights and benefits of CFA members;
To assist the government to further the industrialization of floricultural industry and maintain its sustainable and healthy development through the following means: conducting industrial surveys, organizing personnel training, expositions and trade fairs, as well as information and experience exchange, etc;
To play an active role in the adjustment of agricultural structure and promote the development of rural economy.
Organizational structure
The Members` Congress Council - the paramount official body of CFA.
The Council - the executive body of the Members` Congress Council when the Congress is closed.
The Standing Committee - the executive body of the Council; responsible for work administration when the Council is closed.
The Secretariat - daily executive body, which consists of the General Office, the Department of Exhibition and the Department of Liaison.
CFA`s honorary chairpersons are Madam Chen Muhua and Mr. He Kang, deputy honorary chairperson is Ms. Shao Hua, chairperson is Ms. Jiang Zehui, and secretary-general is Ms. Jiang Weixian.
Rose Branch of CFA Camellia Branch of CFA
Orchid Branch of CFA Osmanthus Branch of CFA
Lotus Branch of CFA Rhododendron Branch of CFA
Peony Branch of CFA Fern Branch of CFA
Mei Flower and Wintersweet Branch of CFA
Retail Trade Branch of CFA Flower Culture Committee
Industrialization Promotion Committee
Membership of CFA
CFA has presently over 300 members, which are mostly large or medium sized floricultural enterprises.
Units and individuals that support the charter of CFA and conform to one of the following conditions can be eligible for membership of CFA.
Group membership
Flower associations of provincial capital cities
Flower associations of special economic zones
Flower associations of Hong Kong and Macao SARs
Public institutions undertaking floricultural researches and education, etc.
Floricultural enterprises
Flower associations of provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities are natural members of CFA
Individual membership
Reputable experts and well-known persons in floricultural circles
Administrators supporting floricultural business
People who work in the fields of flower production, marketing, management, research and education, etc.
People in other fields that give contributions to floricultural industry
Honorary membership
Overseas Chinese, Chinese with foreign nationality and foreigners who have enthusiastically rendered outstanding services to the development of China`s floricultural industry, may be appointed as honorary members of CFA.
Primary work
To organize relevant researches and provide the government with suggestions on strategy , planning and policy-making for floricultural development, as well as to supervise their implementation;
To collect and publicize information about international floriculture for the government and enterprises;
To participate the formulation of national laws, regulations, policies and standards on floriculture and supervise their implementation;
To join in international flower organizations and participate international floricultural exposition and exchange on behalf of China accredited by competent departments; to hold national flower and horticultural exposition, trade fair, information exchange seminar, etc.; and to coordinate regional flower activities;
To assist relevant departments to conduct flower resource surveys; to coordinate and promote scientific research work, put forward research objectives and key projects and accelerate the work division and cooperation among research, education, production and marketing units; to speed up the harmonious development of scientific research, production, marketing and consuming; to advance the transformation and generalization of scientific results;
To improve the quality of floricultural working staff by organizing domestic and foreign professional training;
To submit opinions and requirements of the members and the industry to the competent departments;
To organize market research, solve trading conflicts, help the members in market exploration and maintain a fair competition environment;
To conduct activities for the adjustment of agricultural structure, the development of rural economy and the increase of farmers` income;
To publicize flower knowledge to guide and popularize flower consuming;
To undertake tasks consigned by the competent departments.




Shanghai Intex Exhibitions Go., Ltd.

Shanghai Intex Exhibition Co., Ltd. is among the first to organize floricultural and horticultural trade shows in China. Intex has a professional team and organize nearly 10 exhibition brands in different sectors.
“Hortiflorexpo IPM Shanghai” which is managed by Shanghai Intex Exhibition Co., Ltd. and China Great Wall International Exhibition Co Ltd is the largest industry definitive trade show in Asia floricultural, horticultural and garden sector.  The show id organized by China Flower Association and is alternating between Shanghai and Beijing in every year.  The 19th edition will be held from May 10 – 12, 2017 in SNIEC Shanghai


China Great Wall International Exhibition Co., Ltd.

Being approved by the Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China, a subsidiary of China Great Wall Industry Corp., China Great Wall International Exhibition Co., Ltd. (GIE) was established in Nov. 1995, a professional international exhibition company with the qualification of holding economic and trade exhibitions both at home and abroad.  The business scope of GIE includes organization of exhibitions to be held in China, organization of Chinese enterprises to exhibit or to inspect abroad, management of large-sized int’l conferences or cultural activities, design, construction as well as decoration for exhibitions projects. 

Since its establishment, GIE has sponsored and participated in international exhibitions in over 30 countries and areas in America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Oceania.  With the purpose of “ Inviting foreign enterprises to exhibit in China, Organizing Chinese enterprises to exhibit and inspect abroad and Being Customer-oriented”, the united and creative team of GIE will serve the clients both old and new wholeheartedly.
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