The Only Official Trade Show in Floricultural, Horticultural and Garden Industry in South China A Sister Show of “Hortiflorexpo China ” An ideal platform for Pot Plants, Floral and Garden Supply Industry
procedures of exhibiting

Procedures of Exhibiting


1.  Choose your booth together with Shanghai Intex, the show management, to make sure the booth is still available,

2.  Fulfill the “Contract for Space”, have it signed, stamped and send it to Intex Shanghai either by fax or by scan through email,

3.  Intex will cosign the Contract for Space and send it together with an Invoice to you

4.  Make 50% of the booth payment as down-payment within 15 days after you sign the Contract for Space to make it effective,

5.  Send the bank transfer receipt to Intex for it to trace the money,

6.  Download Exhibitor Manual on, you are welcomed to consult with Intex about the username and password,

7.  Read the Exhibitor Manual carefully,

8.  Fulfill each Reply Form and send them back directly to the indicated Contractor on the head of each Reply Form before deadline,

9.  Pay the remaining 50% of the booth payment, Intex will issue an Invoice to you again,

10. Register on November 30 in Guangzhou Flower Capital of Agriculture.  Just hand the staff your name card and tell him/her your booth number, you will obtain a bag which will contain your Badges, Show Directory, Invitations to Opening Ceremonies, Exhibitor Guide, etc.

11. With the Badges in the bag, you will be allowed to enter the venue to build or decorate your booth.


If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact with Intex Shanghai.

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